Wireless Tethering for
500+ cameras

500+ cameras supported

Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Pentax, Panasonic, Olympus...
Wireless tether all the cameras support USB tethering

Camera Support List

Support Capture One, Lightroom

Work with Capture One, Lightroom and more software directly as if connected with USB cable.

Ultra fast transfer speed

802.11ac, 5.8G max 10M bytes/s
Save your time for tethering.

Native CamFi App Features

Native CamFi app supports Canon, Nikon and Sony, works on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

  • Auto view
  • Liveview
  • Time lapse
  • Advanced bracket
  • Focus stacking
  • Record video
  • Multi-camera controller
  • Auto print
  • 802.11 AC

Don’t worry about the hot shoe

CamFi Pro Plus has 1/4 hot shoe screw holes on the bottom.

1/4 hot shoe screw hole

L shape bracket

Dual hot shoe bracket

* L bracket or dual hot shoe bracket needs additional purchase

Tech Specs

Size 4.13 * 2.42 * 1.48 in / 105 * 62 * 38 mm
Weight 5.4oz / 145g(Battery included)
Battery 3200mAh Replaceable
Battery Life 3 hours (can be charged while working)
Distance About 60 meters
Wi-Fi 802.11ac, 5.8GHz
Package List CamFi Pro Plus, USB 3.0,USB 2.0,Charging cable,Battery,Quick Start Guide


Q: What's the difference between CamFi Pro and CamFi Pro Plus?

A: The main difference is CamFi Pro Plus adds third party tethering service, which will remote work with all the cameras supports USB tethering.

Q: I've bought Pro, can I upgrade to Pro Plus?

A: Yes. It only needs $40 to upgrade. It will be available on Jan 18, 2019. Please visit http://cam-fi.com/en/support/pro-upgrade.html to order the upgrade license.

Q: Why some photos are missing when using Capture One on Mac?

A: Capture One on Mac is designed for using USB cable tethering. It will give up the transferring after 10 seconds if the transferring is not completed. Please try to use compressed RAW if you’re using Nikon D750, D800 or some cameras like them. 20-30M is suitable size. And it better not to shoot too many photos in burst mode.
We do not find this issue with Capture One on Windows.

Q: Which platforms can it support?

A: Third party tethering service can run on Mac and Windows. It can work with all the cameras support USB tethering, which including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, etc. Native CamFi app supports iOS, Android, Mac and Windows for Canon, Nikon and Sony.

Q: I've install Pro Plus software, the camera is shown on the window, but Capture One cannot detect the camera.

Please connect the camera and the laptop with usb cable directly at first. Check if the camera driver is installed. And make sure Capture One can detect the camera with usb connection.

Q: How fast is the transfer speed?

A: In our test, it is about 6-10M bytes, depends on the camera and the distance.

Q: How long will the battery work? Can it be replaceable?

A: 3-4 hours. Yes, it is replaceable.

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